5 Tips on How to Navigate Plus Size Fashion and Shop for Clothes Online

5 Tips on How to Navigate Plus Size Fashion and Shop for Clothes Online

In the vibrant world of plus size fashion, online shopping has opened up a universe of stylish possibilities! From basics to extravagant evening wear, everything's at hand. Yet, have you ever found yourself lost in the vast expanse of online plus size clothing, unsure of what would suit you best? 

Size Up is here to give you a hand - a comprehensive guide to online shopping for plus size women’s clothing that not only simplifies your experience but also ensures you look your best! 

Plus Size Clothing Online Pro Tip #1:  Know Your Measurements

The key to flaunting a dress that falls perfectly on you starts with knowing your exact measurements. It's a fact that sizing varies between brands. One store’s 2X might be another store’s 3X. A trusty tape measure and a friend to help (or a professional tailor if you fancy) can do wonders. Jot down your measurements for the bust, waist, hips, and even inseam.

The Size Up website offers comprehensive size charts for diverse clothing ranges. So, grab a measuring tape, note your measurements, and match them with our size guide to ensure that perfect fit when shopping for plus size clothing online.


Pro Tip #2: Research About Fabric Materials

Your comfort in an outfit largely depends on the fabric. Some materials offer more stretch, while others can be stiff. Having a basic understanding will ease your online shopping for plus size women’s clothing. For another quick tip, materials like Spandex and elastane usually have more stretch, making them a comfy pick for plus size fashion.

Natural fibres like cotton and linen tend to be breathable and soft, which can be especially beneficial during warmer months. On the other hand, synthetic materials such as polyester might retain heat, but they often hold the shape well and resist wrinkles. Always check the fabric composition and read reviews to get insights on how a garment feels and fits different body types.


Plus Size Fashion Tip #3: Read Customer Reviews

Do you know what's better than trying on clothes? Let someone else do it for you! Reading reviews is like having a candid chat with a mate over a cup of tea. Customer reviews have once saved us from buying a kitchen appliance that did not work as promised, haven't they? 

Similarly, while shopping for clothes online, customer reviews are your quick help here. These are your fellow shoppers’ way of whispering their first-hand experiences. Thus, it gives you insights into the clothing’s fit, comfort, and suitability. From a sequin-laden party dress to a casual linen shirt, get a trustworthy review before you click on 'Add to Cart'.


Online Shopping for Plus Size Women’s Clothing Pro Tip #4. Don't Shy Away from Trying Different Styles

Comfort and self-expression are at the heart of style. While some people find solace in familiar patterns and cuts, don't limit your wardrobe to them! Experimenting with different styles as plus size fashion is no longer just about covering up but celebrating every curve. Our collection at Size Up has myriad styles that'll help you break the monotony and embrace trendy fashion statements.

Understanding the importance of versatility in your wardrobe can be a game-changer. When you step out of your comfort zone, you not only discover styles that might be surprisingly flattering, but you also build confidence in your fashion choices.

Embracing varied styles helps in expressing different facets of your personality and mood. At Size Up, we're committed to offering a diverse range of apparel, ensuring that every plus-sized woman finds pieces that resonate with her individuality. We provide guidance and suggestions, making it easier for you to venture into new fashion territories with confidence. So, leap and redefine your style – because every shape deserves to shine in its unique way.


Pro Tip #5. Returns and Exchange Policies are Important

While the world of online shopping is exciting, it comes with its fair share of wrong picks. Resignedly accepting a dress that doesn't fit or a colour that doesn't suit is history. When shopping for plus size clothing online, always check the return and exchange policies of the site. Size Up follows an easy, customer-friendly return policy, easing your shopping journey.

The Bottom Line

This effective guide to shopping for plus size women’s clothing online is Size Up’s way to show that we care for your clothing needs and preferences at all times. Remember, it's not about fitting into societal norms. It's about embracing yourself as you are and defining your style statement. Whether you want to dress up for a formal event or look chic at a family gathering, our collection at Size Up caters to all your fashion needs. So, contact us now!

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