Plus Size Fashion: Celebrates Your Curves With Size Up

Stylish, quality curvy clothes tailored for Kiwi women

Here at Size Up, we take immense pride in offering chic plus size fashion, durability & affordability in sizes 12 to 30 of our women’s clothing. Everyone deserves to look and feel amazing in an outfit that they love. So, at Size Up, we’re redefining the world of plus-sized fashion by bringing you an impeccable blend of style, durability, and well-crafted European apparel. Wave goodbye to the challenge of finding fashionable, well-fitting clothes that cater to diverse body types and say hello to endless options.

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Revitalising the Plus Size Women’s Clothing in Auckland Landscape

Why should a number define fashion? We’ve taken our stand towards reinvigorating the market for plus size women's clothing in Auckland with our expansive, hand-selected European collection that thrills with style, durability, and affordability. Your seemingly never-ending hunt for the perfect fit ends here: our collections breathe life into the plus-size landscape, from everyday essentials to date night show stoppers.


Experience online shopping for plus size women’s clothing like never before. We understand your demand for representation in the fashion industry, so we've built a catalogue that reflects the broad spectrum of fashion-forward styles. Peruse our collection here.


Why Choose Size Up For Trendy Plus Size Clothing

Affordable, Yet Exceptional 

Our range of trendy plus size clothing ensures that every curvy woman gets to flaunt her style without breaking the bank. From casual tees to lavish evening gowns, every piece promises quality.


The Versatility of Our Collection Dabble in our diverse options! Explore trendy tops perfect for any outing, dazzling dresses ready to turn heads, jazzy jeans for a touch of edginess, practical pants for comfort, and outstanding outdoor wear to brave any weather.

Everyone Deserves Stellar Fashion at Plus Size Clothing Stores Auckland 

Body positivity is at our core. It’s more than just a buzzword to us. We believe in inclusivity, and our collection echoes this belief. Every woman, irrespective of her size, should enjoy the thrill of wearing clothes that resonate with her personality.

Join Our Fashion Forward Journey 

Fashion is ever-evolving, and so are we. Our promise is to offer you the latest styles, ensuring you're always on trend. We’re not just selling clothes; we're offering an experience, a movement towards more inclusive fashion. By choosing Size Up, you’re making a statement that every body type is beautiful and deserves stellar fashion.


Whether you're searching for everyday essentials or an outfit for a special occasion, our extensive hand-picked range has got you covered… quite literally! Join our fashion revolution now by browsing a range of trendy and affordable options that will empower you to feel confident and comfortable every day.

Bask in the Outdoor Sun: Chic Plus Size Clothing for Every Adventure

We at Size Up understand that outdoor activities require clothing that’s not just size fit but also comfort and activity-appropriate. Our exclusive plus-size outdoor clothing line here is designed keeping you in focus.


As pioneers in plus size fashion, we promise style, perfection, and fit for every body type. We treat fashion as a democratic platform, where every woman, regardless of size, is free to host her personal fashion parade.

Ready for a fashion voyage where size doesn’t dictate your style? Let Size Up escort you to your next fashion triumph. Elevate your style. Make heads turn. Size Up – your gateway to an all-inclusive fashion revolution. Start now.


FAQs for Plus Size Fashion

Is the material used for the clothes good quality? 

Yes, Size Up prides itself on providing clothes of excellent quality, made from top-grade materials.


Can I request customised designs when doing online shopping for plus size womens clothing

At this time, we focus on providing a wide and diverse collection rather than customised designs. We do appreciate customer feedback and demand that helps us plan for future collections.

Do you deliver nationwide? 

Yes, Size Up offers nationwide delivery across New Zealand.

Do you have seasonal sales? 

Yes, we offer seasonal sales and promotions. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates and exclusive offers.

How often do you add new designs/collections?

We regularly refresh our collections every season. Follow us on our social media accounts or sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with our latest arrivals.